How to make templates for PC|Automation

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30. 5. 2023 9:00 - 10:00 online webinář

This webinar will take you around what you need to know about creating your own templates for PCSCHEMATIC Automation.

Start by creating your own drawing headers or title blocks:

  • Design the title block, but remember the rules: some data should be there always
  • Design it with water marks to make it easy to show page status

Design your own lists headers

  • Parts & component lists, connection type lists, graphical plans

Finally, you can create your own page and project templates:

  • Ready-to-use diagram pages
  • Ready-to-use lists of various kinds
  • Project templates with ‘all’ pages

Na webinář se můžete registrovat přímo nebo přes seznam všech webinářů PCSCHEMATIC.

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